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PEAK Dimitris Tofalos

PEAK Dimitris Tofalos is located in Patras, Greece. It is also known by its original official name, which is PEAK, which stands for Pampeloponnisiako Ethniko Athlitiko Kentro Patron. The arena has a seating capacity for basketball games of 4,200 people.

Promitheas Park

Promitheas Park is Promitheas’ training center. A unique sports and recreational park surrounded by olive trees, near the Rio-Antirio Charilaos Trikoupis bridge. It is considered to be one of the most modern and complete basketball training centers in Europe, and is also home to one of the top level basketball academies in Europe, consisting of 750 young athletes.

It comprises an area of 4000 square meters and amongst others, contains a total of four basketball courts, a fully functional youth hostel, a conference center, a stats-of-the-art fitness center as well as an ergo-metrics laboratory (Promitheas Lab). The training center is also regularly used to host both youth and adult basketball competitions, as well as many cultural events. Athletes and visitors are guaranteed to have a stay or a visitworthy of their experctations.

From Promitheas Park to PEAK Dimitris Tofalos

The distance between Promitheas Park Training Center and PEAK Dimitris Tofalos is less than 1km.

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